Amarnath Track: Hurriyat (G) Concerned At Pavement Move

Amarnath Track: Hurriyat (G) Concerned At Pavement Move

SRINAGAR (KNS) - Voicing grave concern over the moves to lay cement tiles as part of road construction to Amarnath cave and its disastrous impact on environment, flora and fauna and water resources of the ecologically fragile region, Hurriyat Conference (G) Monday said it would intensify its efforts to “fully discharge its role to safeguard the interests of the state.”

In a statement issued after a meeting of conglomerate’s Majlis-e-Shoora chaired by Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Hurriyat (G) spokesman said the reports of the Apex Court’s order to lay prefabricated cement tiles on the track had strengthened the apprehension that road   construction in a phased manner was in the works. The plan would be a precursor to the eventual spell a doom for the ecology, environment, forests and water resources of the state, he said.  

“Being the representative forum of the urges and aspirations of Kashmiri people, Hurriyat Conference owes it to the state people to take all the steps necessary to safeguard their interests,” the spokesman said, reiterating its demand for dissolving the Shrine Board, entrusting pilgrimage management to local Kashmiri Pandits, and restricting its duration and size, which have a direct bearing on natives’ life and livelihood.  

Taking a dig at the National Conference-led government, the meeting accused the rulers of being focused on their own survival for which “they compromised the state’s resources in the past and are engaged in selling out its interests for their personal gains.”

The Majlis-e-Shoora condemned the silence over the yatra-related issues it had raised. “Instead of responding to the specific issues, they beat about the bush. It has been our stand since 2008 based on scientific considerations that Shrine Board should be dissolved entrusting yatra management to Kashmiri Pandits. Stretching the yatra to two months and allowing 50 times increase in the number of pilgrims will cause irreparable harm to the environment, forests and water resources of the state,” he said.

Unless and until the basic demands are conceded, the spokesman said, Hurriyat (G) would continue with its struggle to mobilize people against the extremely harmful fallout of the plans and create mass awareness among civil society, lawyers, media, traders and transporters besides college and university faculties and students. A committee headed by Advocate S M Rishi has already been set up for the purpose, he said.

Hurriyat (G) body reiterated its stand that Kashmiri people were not against the yatra  but would resist all the moves to turn the normal religious ritual into a tool of political adventurism aimed at harming the interests of the state.


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Supreme court of India is being put forth in place of poltical players to do the needful.The plan intiated by Sinha and being tacticfully implemented so that an impression can be given to masses by puppets that Governement is helplessness when it comes to Indian supreme court. India has started new phase of terror over here in shape of Judicial terrorism. Indian supreme court does'nt take suo motto in 10,000 disapperances in Kashmir but it is desperate to destroy the ecology of Kashmir for the sake of Yatris.Death of few yatris for religious cause is giving it sleepless nights.I had written during 2010 agitation that if we fall back this time, we will be smothered by India from all corners. This is exactly what is going on at present.Onslaught from all fronts.Do Kashmiris have any choice other than to fight back?

27 Nov, 2012 11:56 | |

In my view, Hurriyat (G) does not represent all the Kashmiris. Even our very respectable senior, Geelani Sahab would not make that difference. Hurriyat (G) does speak well for its own exclusive goals, and its community or shall we say a segment of it, and no more. So, your comments are largely gratuitus, and role to safeguard is out of place!

Health/ecology related issues and problems resulting from pilgrimage is a good pointer, and this needs to be actioned on a priority basis. Some of it is just part of an evolution, industrialization and development, but it is a world-wide phenomenon. Imagine people coiming from Gilan in hordes, and settling down here, and doing what...! So, let us not make a mountain of a mole. Learn to live peacefully with all. As regards dissolution of the Shrine Board, not yet. First get all Kashmiri pundits back to the state, and remedy the reason for their exodus. One more thing, we don't need to be told by anyone how and where to live in our own homeland. This is our exclusive right!

27 Dec, 2012 22:51 | |