Hindi and English on Ration Cards a blunder: Kamal

Hindi and English on Ration Cards a blunder: Kamal

Srinagar: National Conference Tuesday admitted that the issuance of ration card forms in English and Hindi instead of Urdu language was a big blunder and set back to the sanctity of Jammu and Kashmir Constitution.

Legislator and Additional General Secretary of NC, Dr Shiekh Mustafa Kamal said that Government must not forget that Urdu is our official language and it committed a blunder by using English and Hindi instead of Urdu. He further said that it may be the handiwork of some elements who want to defame National Conference Government.

“Government should ask people to surrender the ration cards and should issue these cards in Urdu. English or Hindi knowing people can keep these ration cards,” Kamal said adding that the matter needs to be investigated so that it could come to fore who and why Urdu was ignored.

Responding to a query, Kamal said that some people don’t see eye to eye with National Conference and want to defame the party. “There are ample chances that some anti-NC elements might have done that and the Government should investigate the matter thoroughly,” he said.  

Adbee Markaz Kamraz (AMK) has also expressed anguish over the printing of ration cards in English and Hindi instead of Urdu by the Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution department of the State.

In a statement AMK said the ‘unpleasant move’ has come at a time when Urdu language was already besieged with various challenges which have posed threat to its very existence.

Being the official language of the State, the government is expected to take steps for promotion and preservation of the language, which is not only culturally and socially significant but also a connecting link among people of various regions of the State.  So any move to subvert this language is a direct assault on the communication link of the people of the State, the statement read.