KCSDS Asks Forest Dept To Make Facts Public

KCSDS Asks Forest Dept To Make Facts Public

SRINAGAR (ONS) - The Kashmir Centre for Social and Developmental Studies Monday expressed concern over the developments on plans to development track to Amarnath cave asking the state’s Forest Department to come clean on the grave issue.

“The collective conscience of Kashmiris is outraged by whatever is happening with the environment and ecology of Kashmir, in general, and along the road that leads to Amarnath cave, in particular, because the goings-on in relation to the 'road' to Amarnath cave are happening behind the backs of principal stake-holders to the issue. It is detrimental to fragile ecology and environment of the area,” KSCDS chairperson, Prof  Hamidah Nayeem, said in a statement, accusing the state government of being “abysmally ignorant and callous” to the developments.

“The state Forest and Environment Department is looking the other way while proposals which spell disaster to the environment and ecology of the area are being put forth. The state government is, at best, acquiescing and, at the worst, collaborating in the vandalism of the precious and delicate environment,” she added.

“It is highly disturbing that the press reports suggest that the clearance for the plan will come within seven days from the forest departmentt! We impress upon the Forest Department to come out with facts about the whole issue,” KSCDS said.


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